RTLS IN MOTION ​For Senior Care

Resident Location Trackingwireless nurse call pendant

Each resident pendant is capable of providing an accurate location within the building to relevant members of the Care Team. This allows staff to respond directly to the location of the in-need resident in a timely fashion. Furthermore, full location history reporting is available which provides an accurate account of where the resident has been. This proves to be useful information when having family conferences or understanding resident movements and patterns of behavior.


Level of Care

Since the In Motion system tracks residents and staff, and keeps historical records, the system can provide a level of care report. In Motion’s system provides a detailed summary of how many minutes a nurse or healthcare aide have spent with each resident, and how frequently a resident requires assistance. Month-to-month analysis can often show that the level of care and demand for a given resident has increased, thereby prompting a review of the resident’s Care Plan, discussion with the family, or reimbursement review.

Wandering & Elopement

Through the use of door and elevator sensors and controllers, the In Motion system can assist with the monitoring of residents at-risk for wandering or running-away. When an at-risk resident nears the door or elevator, the system is capable of locking the door or disabling the elevator car, and notifying the Care Team. This allows the resident to be re-directed before they are able to leave the security of their home.

In the event that there is an emergency and residents need to quickly exit a facility, In Motion will not hinder residents’ ability to exit a building. Systems can be tied into a building’s automation and turn off rules and door locks for emergencies; staff can quickly evacuate a building through turning In Motion’s system off; and staff can escort an individual out of a building through our escort feature.

Wireless Nurse Call wireless pull cord

Hard-wired equipment, noisy intercoms, stand-alone nurse call and alarm systems, and text pagers are a thing of the past. Momentum’s RTLS In Motion can easily increase nurse call coverage from 2% to 100% of the facility (given normal circumstances). Residents and staff alike are able to request assistance from anywhere in the facility through the use of the call button on their wireless ergonomic pendant. This allows a resident to request assistance, no matter where they are located in the facility, and have a staff member attend to their precise location. Multi-colored corridor lights allow staff to visually see when a resident is requesting help, and where fellow staff members are currently located.