RTLS IN MOTION ​Wireless Nurse Call System

Hard-wired equipment, noisy intercoms, stand-alone nurse call and alarm systems, and text pagers are a thing of the past. Momentum’s RTLS In Motion increases nurse call coverage from 2% to 100% of the facility. Residents and staff alike are able to request assistance from anywhere in the facility through the use of the call button on their pendant. This allows a resident to request assistance, no matter where they are located in the facility, and have a staff member attend to their precise location. Multi-colored corridor lights allow staff to visually see when a resident is requesting help, and where fellow staff members are currently located.

wireless pull cord

Pullcord Stations

Wireless pullcord stations are installed in toileting and resident bedside areas to provide a fixed means of requesting assistance. Triggered alerts are communicated via In Motion’s software to the Care Team’s mobile devices and workstations.

corridor light

Corridor Lights

Multi-colored corridor lights can be installed outside of resident rooms to provide a visual indication that assistance has been requested from a particular room. Furthermore, lights can illuminate according to the real-time location rules, such as nurse in room, HCA in room, resident in room, etc. 


Automatic Staff Presence

Since the In Motion system is monitoring both resident and staff locations throughout the facility, the system is capable of automatically closing nurse call requests when they are responded to. The responding staff member simply needs to enter the room with the resident in need, address their request, and the system will automatically date and time stamp the response with the staff member’s name. No need to cancel the call manually – simply attend to the resident and the system does the rest. RTLS In Motion turns your healthcare facility into a dynamic and advanced operation, while also reducing your staff’s workload.