RTLS IN MOTION For Memory Care

Wander Alerting and Door Controls

Through the use of door and elevator sensors and controllers, the In Motion system can ​guard against wonder and flight prone residents. When an at-risk resident nears the door or elevator, the system is capable of locking the door or disabling the elevator car, and notifying the Care Team - effectively guarding your facility. This allows residents to be re-directed before they are able to leave the security of their home.

In the event that there is an emergency and a facility evacuation is in order, In Motion will not hinder residents’ ability to exit a building. Systems can be tied into a building’s automation and turn off rules and door locks for emergencies; staff can quickly evacuate a building through turning In Motion’s system off; and staff can escort an individual out of a building through our escort feature.

Location Tracking With Extreme Accuracy

Each resident pendant accurately transmits its location to the In Motion software, and is then displayed on an easy to read map of the facility. This allows staff to easily find people, and respond directly to the location of the in-need resident in a timely fashion. Furthermore, full location history reporting is available which provides an accurate account of where the resident has been. This proves to be useful information when having family conferences or understanding resident movements and patterns of behavior.

In Motion also tracks the location and status of equipment. Staff can quickly locate equipment, track history (useful for infection control), easily update inventory of equipment, and request maintenance.

Reporting on Individual Residents 

Since the In Motion system tracks residents and staff, and keeps historical records, the system can provide a level of care report. In Motion’s system provides a detailed summary of how many minutes a nurse or healthcare aide have spent with each resident, and how frequently a resident requires assistance. Month-to-month analysis can often show that the level of care and demand for a given resident has increased, thereby prompting a review of the resident’s Care Plan, discussion with the family, or reimbursement review.

It is an unfortunate reality that many memory care patients cannot recall day-to-day events; when families check in to see how their loved ones are doing, there can be little to no recollection, and it is easy for families to assume that their loved ones are being neglected. With RTLS In Motion, you can increase resident families’ satisfaction with your long-term care service, as you can provide proof that residents are participating in activities, receiving help and care, and eating regularly.

Other Features Specific to Memory Care

Since mental cognition is often affected in memory care residents, there are certain features in RTLS In Motion that have been designed to facilitate better care for ​memory care residents. Our standard resident tags have a single help button that sends an alert to staff when pressed.  For memory care residents who are not capable of pushing a button (or who have impaired mental cognition and continually press the button) we have a modified resident tag that is manufactured without a button, and is used specifically for tracking the location of memory care residents.

Some facilities experience residents who refuse to wear any form of identification or nurse call device. We have a comfortable attachment for our resident tags that is very difficult to remove. This fixed pendant solution is waterproof, comfortable, and ensures that residents can always be tracked - ensuring your RTLS In Motion system will be used to its full potential.